Marie Batiste

Dark Fantasy & Horror Author

Upcoming Releases

The Bone Worker

Don’t worry, my dear. For I am the bone worker and I will make your bones into something beautiful.

~The Bone Worker

A Restless Moon

The Sculptor

I can assure you that if you die, it will not be my fault. You see, I merely put you in the sculpture. 

~The Sculptor

Current Books

A Captive Moon

Welcome to Crystal Lake
Where rival elf gangs will rob or curse you, dragons strut through the streets and magic is as finicky as technology.

The Collector

The eyes are the windows to the soul and therefore make great collectibles.
~The Collector

The House

I don’t need to have my hands slick with blood to feel alive. I’ve never been one to get my hands dirty, but when you really think about it, technically, I’m not the one killing them… the house is. ~Mrs. Isles